Seller has many positive feedback and located a few hours from me so who knows really, on Read any negative comments especially to see what they were about. Accessed March 16, 2020. COLD WEATHER PAYMENTS TRIGGERED - CAN YOU GET £25 TOWARDS YOUR ENERGY BILLS? … With some services, all you’ll need is the email address or phone number of the person you’re sending money to. Not just the first page but look back several pages. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! 11:10 PM. Posted 7th Feb 2018. Paid a £ Deposit via Bank Transfer - Seller Now Wants More. Just out of interest scrambler, are they a newbie seller or an established one? Yes the police are involved.The "seller"is saying someone hijacked their account and put an item for sale for sale that didn't exist.The police are investigating the account money was transfered to.Hopefully they will be able to help sort it out.They said this kind of fraud is on the increase. Bank of America. If a seller was demanding bank transfer, I'd not think twice about hitting the PayPal button, purely to show them I'll pay how I see fit. » buyer wants to do bank transfer instead of paypal, is this unsafe? You went to the bank and either withdrew the required cash or got a bankers draft (known as a bank cheque in some countries), then went to the dealership and paid for your car. (Hang on - isn't that how the ebay bots answer messages? This is what is known as 'internal balance transfer' of home loans. ‎07-15-2016 It's a situation that I have never been in before and I justed wanted other buyers (not sellers) perspective. Bank-to-service-to-bank option 1: Recipient fills in their details. He's happy to pay via bank transfer. The seller is in anticipatory breach of that contract. Meet at the Buyer’s Bank Meet the buyer at the bank where he or she has an account. on Red flag #1 asking to pay by bank transfer. Post Tweet Share Share with WhatsApp Share with Messenger Community Updates. 04:05 PM. Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Do you actually read the boards? 06:31 PM. She is arranging for a delivery company to collect and has asked if she can do a bank transfer of the money as she won't see me in person. I don't know why they just didn't cancel? Paid a £ Deposit via Bank Transfer - Seller Now Wants More. ‎07-09-2016 Pickup or viewing is available at xxxx most days via appointment .All goods are advertised elsewhere and may be sold at any time .A GST receipt is available with all purchases", {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. ‎07-08-2016 Online money transfer scams are still a popular way for Internet criminals to extract money from unsuspecting individuals and corporations. ‎07-09-2016 Or a defect if you answer 'no' to not receiving it on time? ‎07-09-2016 Basically what I'm asking is what would other buyers do in this situation??? Purchases made with ACH take 5 days for the coins to be delivered, while SEPA purchases take less than two days. Quite a lot of sellers use their item description to declare that they won't accept PayPal - here's a random example, from a listing I was looking at a few minutes ago:"Before you press the buy it now button please read the following conditions .If you want to bid please ring or text me on 0412 xxx xxx. Getting people to pay by bank transfer is what scammers do. You need to be sure you trust the seller though as there is no way to get the money refunded. Read on for more information, including how to make a bank transfer and what details you’ll need. So now it seems as though the seller isn't going to claim the payment. on Don't pay by bank transfer or any way but paypal as then you could end up with no item and have no way of getting a refund. Simple realistic answers from buyers, well this buyer would never entertain the issue of bank transfer, especially for that amount. As lyndal said scrambler, Paypal only, I have 2 sellers that I'd be confident in using BT with no others. on 07:32 PM. I will however go out of my way to help you ship these items if you pay for the item & shipping directly into my bank account .The reason for this is paypal allow a purchaser 150 days to lodge a dispute against me The seller  .I now have 2 (items) stuck in the UK as i was forced to refund the purchaser whilst the (items) where in transit . Otherwise, the title can go directly to the buyer. Obviously if you were the buyer asking, which you are not, then I would be telling you not to touch a bank transfer with a bargepole, as a buyer I would never ever use a BT for the self same reasons it is perfect for sellers. A bank transfer is when money is sent from one bank account to another. ‎07-10-2016 The buyer send me a message telling me that he cannot pay by PayPal but wants to wire the money to my bank. Here are some of the rules that you need to be aware of when using PayPal: A seller using PayPal: One precaution I usually take when transferring money for the first time to a new recipient is to make a small £1 transfer initially and ask the recipient to confirm its safe arrival in their account. 08:56 PM. Are you even sure that there is an item to be bought? 04:10 PM. So who's right? Nobody who does read the boards would ever have to ask that question. ‎07-08-2016 If you live overseas send me a message via ebay .I will not ship these items or help with shipping if you use paypal . Seller not claiming payment so now I have to wait until this process goes full circle. 04:11 PM, Hi tazz I ended up sending a message and the seller said even though they would rather of got paid by bank. 04:01 PM, I have purchased an item worth $400 and the seller has sent a message asking if I. would pay by bank transfer? Pre-requisites of internal balance transfer of home loans ‎07-08-2016 Our bank and credit union partners are helping us make it fast, safe, and easy to send and receive money. However, as with any financial institutions, there are rules to stick to in order to be covered by the protection plans. PayPal wants to protect its legitimate customers from various scams and so it has an amazing buyer and seller protection programs. Once the buyer pays for the car and you pay off the loan, the title is free and clear. The amount of this transfer may vary, but will probably be a few hundred dollars. 04:01 PM If any of the bad scenarios do happen then I'm not in the mood or have time to straighten things out (so lazy as it's so cold lol). I will never pay for anything on ebay other than via paypal. A wire transfer describes any electronic transfer of money. Read our cookies policy. ... Be aware these can also be faked, so it’s a good idea to go to the bank with the seller where the funds can be drawn. That's a common line that a scammer uses to get free moneyn(no way for you to get your money back). Got contacted by a buyer wanting to pay by cheque or bank transfer. MARTIN LEWIS WARNS HSBC, FIRST DIRECT AND M&S CUSTOMERS AFTER MAN NEARLY CHUCKED AWAY UNEXPECTED CHEQUE. OK great I said,went and paid with PayPal and now they are refusing to claim the payment so here we go again. 10:26 AM, They don't care if they cop a neg? ‎07-10-2016 07:52 PM, I know Dave, that is why I asked if he actually read the posts rather than just picking out a few keywords and then putting in his 10 cents worth. After all....$400........lotta money....just sayin', on 07:47 PM. Is it safe to buy on Gumtree using bank transfer? Well stawka I bid with many other bidders on the item and I won it. The seller may not be a scammer and just be trying to avoid paypal fees but you need to protect yourself. as they have trouble accessing their paypal account sometimes.

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