The Megabass Pop-X is a little popper that flies under the radar yet is one of the most productive topwaters on the market. I love swimbaits, pitching shallow wood and topwaters as my three favorite lure/technique combinations. google_ad_width = 120; All Megabass lures carry a high price tag and I personally don't feel it is justified on many. The Megabass PopMax stares with a downward gaze calling to the surface those fish foolish enough to fall for its tantalizing tease In hand, these lures are truly stunning. intriguing lure to say the Länge: 78 mm Schwimmverhalten: Schwimmend – F Schwimmtiefe: Oberfläche Gewicht: 14g Kategorie: Popper Hersteller: Megabass. Jede Box beinhaltet einen "Eto Lure" in limititierter Farbe, eine "180 Bites" DVD (210min) und ein großes Wendeposter mit mit einer Reihe erschienen Ködern von Megabass in sehr vielen Farbenvarianten. least. Among our destinations with this setup, of course, were the vast waterways of the California Delta. For some reason, it wants to jump out of the water when chugging. $12.99 Megabass Marine Gang 140F. $94.99 Megabass ITO Shiner USA. Interviews | Events | Fortunately, the soft tip of our He69APC coupled with the low rate of retrieve on our Daiwa Pixy made it possible to properly present this lure. Autopsy,