“Don’t carry too many plates at once!” she cautioned. Friday night was Rebecca’s favorite time of the week. “Eating matzos instead of bread and cake helps us remember our ancestors.”. The picture was from a Russian folktale called Clever Karina. She pulled away from the open oven. My Granddaughter had checked 3 of the Rebecca books out of her school library. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. “Always changing with the names. The family waited while Bubbie hung her apron in the kitchen. Rebecca gazed at the posters in gilded frames on either side of the entrance. This eBook format includes a downloadable PDF file. Like most of the American Girls series, Meet Rebecca features a spunky heroine who tries to honor her culture and still make her own way in life, this one a young Jewish immigrant in 1914. Rebecca knew the code. It was astonishing to see pictures moving on a screen. In Rebecca’s ‘own words,’ this American girl sounds a clear, pure note in the orchestra of American cultures and traditions.” “The story of Rebecca is a marvelous introduction to the Jewish immigrant experience. “Because you’ll be coming with me,” Max said. She moved them to face the mama and squawked in a high voice, “She’s not old enough! by Jacqueline Green. “I’m hungry,” Rebecca said to Rose after Mama had left. A few strands of gray hair slipped from her neat bun and framed her round face. To capture the lively details of Rebecca’s story, we collaborated with experts in American Jewish history and American immigration. He looked at the floor, and then up at Moyshe. She pushed past her sisters. “I mean, Moses led the Jews out of Egypt thousands of years ago. Each loaf needed two eggs, and eggs were expensive. You can call me anything, as long as you don’t call me late for dinner!”. Mama smiled. Product packaging may be in less-than-perfect condition, where marked on each product page. Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2014, Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2014, Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2013. Rebecca caught her breath. Alas, everything becomes outdated and out of print eventually. She was old enough to do more than just set the table! Almost anything. As the girls stepped into the hallway, Rebecca heard Bubbie calling from the top landing. Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2014. “But I hear sneaking out to play baseball is a lot more fun than studying Hebrew.” Victor grinned. Rebecca had always loved the picture of the leaping hare that was painted on the pin’s shiny black background. .”. Designs in Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogues from the era served as inspiration for Rebecca’s movie premiere outfit. This class requires the book Meet Rebecca, representing early twentieth century immigration from Eastern Europe and events leading to World War I America. Rose followed a few steps behind her. “Come with you to the picture studio? Can Rebecca’s secret plan to raise money help smooth rough waters and aid her relatives' escape from Russia? “Goodness gracious!” gasped Mama. It gave Rebecca shivers to be so close to the theater. “Happy birthday to you,” Max began singing, and everyone joined in. . “It’s the story of Cleopatra, who was queen of Egypt. Rebecca nodded. “I don’t really feel like it,” Rebecca said, heading up the front stoop. “That is one of the best things in America. Then he made more frantic sprinkling motions. Mama looked in from the kitchen. (2009-2014) Rebecca's meet outfit is intended to imitate the fashions of the 1910s. “I know—let’s play hopscotch. Sadie and Sophie looked positively green with jealousy. “The actor?” she asked. Please try again. “That’s the problem—we’ve been so busy cleaning and cooking for Passover, I think everyone has forgotten.” She kicked at a pebble and added glumly, “Anyway, I couldn’t have a birthday cake unless it was as flat as matzo! Rebecca thought Max was funny. ... “I want to marry an American girl for citizenship”. The girls paused at a tempting array of pastries and cakes in the window of an Italian bakery. “Rose and I were—” Rebecca started to explain, but before she could finish, a chorus of voices shouted, “Surprise!”. “Well, let’s just sit outside for a while, then,” Rose said, plopping herself down on the top step. Purchase total must equal or exceed the minimum order requirement to qualify. He retrieved a large round box from the hallway, which he placed in Rebecca’s lap. “You see how well it works!” Moyshe announced. “Do you really mean it?”, “Now that you’re ten,” Sophie smiled, “we think you’re old enough to go to the pictures with us.”. The girls ducked around a gang of boys playing stickball and passed some girls playing jacks on the sidewalk. “If you make them laugh, your audience will love you.” He winked at Rebecca. Isn’t he a movie actor?”. “I hear there’s a party with lots of food!” Max stepped into the crowded room. Then they closed their eyes and recited the Hebrew prayer together, giving thanks for the Sabbath, a day of rest and peace. Good story, nice character, easy and accessible for kids. “Excuse me, but it’s no more Moyshe Shereshevsky,” her cousin said. She is 9 years old and lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1914. Bubbie, Rebecca’s grandmother, came down from her apartment upstairs to help cook. “Everyone’s out playing,” Mama added quickly. She helps her father in his store and her mother in the kitchen. “I sure would love a handful of those.” She followed reluctantly as Rebecca held the door open. “And you weren’t even born! We reserve the right to limit order and item quantities. All positive reviews › Joshua P. Zatcoff. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! “I don’t think we should encourage this moving-picture nonsense,” Papa said. Mama blushed at the compliment as she hung her apron on a nail by the stove. Benny’s eyes grew wide as Max dropped a shiny brown button into his hand. To supplement her research, she watched documentaries and read more than 100 books. She held up the two loaves, and the whole family gave thanks for their food. “Who is it, Mama?”, Mama stirred sizzling potatoes and onions as she answered. Condition is "Used". Rebecca Rubin longs to be the center of attention, but it's not easy in a family of five children! She looked at Mama and pleaded with her eyes. She lined them up along the parlor windowsill, behind the sheer curtains. She grinned at Rose. Her cousins Josef and Michael called “Mazel tov—congratulations!” Mama and Papa and Rebecca’s brothers and sisters were all crowded into the tiny apartment. She cupped her hands around her mouth and called in a husky voice, “See Moses lead his people to freedom! American Girl MEET REBECCA 6.5" Doll With Book. Meet Rebecca (American Girls Collection: Rebecca 1914). Rebecca took special care setting the table. “I’ve got to take this upstairs to Bubbie.” She picked up the covered dish and headed out the door. Meet the 2016 BeForever character, Melody Ellsion. “Time to call the matchmaker!” The twins put their hands over their mouths  to stifle their giggles. “I know the prayer by heart.”, “You heard Papa,” Sadie said. “You’d think that even at Passover, it would be okay to have a birthday cake,” Rebecca blurted out. The tempo of the song slowed as the machine wound down. “The story of Rebecca is a marvelous introduction to the Jewish immigrant experience. Rebecca frowned. Why doesn’t Bubbie ever ask me to check the bread? Sophie followed behind her. The twins giggled. American Girl $61 $65 6% OFF. (American Girl Historical Characters), Rebecca Story Collection (American Girl Library), Rebecca: The Sound of Applause (American Girl Historical Characters), Rebecca: An American Girl (American Girl Collection), Rebecca to the Rescue (American Girl Collection), Meet Addy: An American Girl (The American Girls Collection Book 1), Meet Samantha (American Girl: Samantha, 1904), Meet Kit: An American Girl 1934 (The American Girls Collection, Book 1). “The best part would show how the Jews couldn’t get across the Red Sea. “What you are putting on this clean floor?” Bubbie cried. Rebecca beamed. And in such a hat!”, All eyes turned to Max. A children's novel in the American Girl series, set in 1914 New York City. “Come with me, birthday girl,” he said, leading Rebecca to a chair. Rebecca's six-book set comes in a protective slipcase, and each story reveals more about this lively girl growing up in New York in 1914. See All Buying Options. Papa dropped in the coins from his pocket, and they clanged to the bottom. Bubbie put her hands on her hips. Too soon, the party was over, and people began to leave. Back in Russia, my family never celebrated birthdays—not like here. Very Nice softcover copy of Meet Rebecca (American Girl) 1 in stock. Just follow the instructions, cut, fold, glue, and create! “Good idea!” She loved feeding the pigeons that Mr. Rossi, the building’s janitor, kept in cages on the rooftop. Rebecca opened the rest of her presents and thanked everyone. Every Friday, Mama cooked and cleaned all day to prepare for the Sabbath. She rapped two fingers against the shiny crust. Send a message to our Customer Service staff, Play on with help and healing from our expert medical staff, Where play and points add up to the most inspired perks around. Rebecca is 9 years old and an aspiring movie star. Scan with your phone’s camera app to experience Mercari on the phone. “Come, it’s time to light the candles.”, Benny dashed to Papa and pulled at his sleeve. Moyshe peered into the hallway and looked around nervously. Shop our selection of dolls, books, and more that help build girls of strong character. You'll be getting emails with special offers, product introductions, store event notifications, and more. Rebecca didn’t dare argue with Bubbie and Grandpa and Papa, especially in front of everyone. “A cake!” Rebecca cried. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. “Let my people go!” she recited in a deep voice, as if she were playing the role of Moses. There was a problem loading your book clubs. Times 1914. “So, you’ll both come,” Bubbie said. She pulled open the door, and sure enough, there was cousin Max. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Write a review. “My family would especially never let me see this one!” Rebecca croaked. A tall young man wearing a jaunty straw hat and holding a polished cane poked his head into the room. This book is in very good used condition. She looked in the icebox, but there was nothing except a jar of cold leftover soup. Rebecca felt a twinge of guilt. Sadie and Sophie stood before the silver candlesticks. Now she must decide whether to take this big break, or follow her parents’ wishes and close the curtain on her dreams. She took a piece of matzo from a basket on the table and offered one to Rose. They reminded Rebecca of her family, which numbered exactly seven. “Maybe she’d let me go to the movies if they made one about the history of Passover, when the Jews escaped from slavery in Egypt.” She pretended to be a barker calling people to the theater. Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2013. No refunds or adjustments on previous purchases or orders in progress that have not yet shipped. Together, this research blended into a world realistically rendered for girls today to enter and explore. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. “After all, they’re fourteen.”. Mr. Goldberg put on a new record and cranked the handle. Rebecca: Lights, Camera, Rebecca! Rebecca decides to raise money for their passage by putting on a show right in her New York City neighborhood-until her disapproving grandmother steps in. Since she is only in Kindergarten she could only read a few chapters in the week she had them. How did Max do it? Moyshe flashed a gleaming smile. “Except for this year.” She hesitated a moment. We reserve the right to limit order and item quantities. “Rebecca! “But now it’s Shabbos, and time to rest.”. We know they escaped without enough time to let their bread rise, and the unleavened bread was baked into flat matzos—but why do we have to worry about it today?”, “To remember how hard life was when the Jews were slaves,” Rose said. Greene is the author of the series of books about Rebecca Rubin, the newest addition to the American Girl lineup. Compassion. She is a nine-year-old Russian Jewish girl whose maternal grandparents and parents immigrated to … “Excuse me, but that’s Max,” Bubbie corrected him. I wonder if they like matzo.”. “Done!” he teased. There are so many foods we can’t eat during Passover, she and Bubbie don’t trust anything they haven’t made in their own kitchens.”, The girls strolled up the street, enjoying the sunshine that warmed the spring afternoon. Unexpectedly, Rebecca finds another way to earn money. “Can I come up later?” she called. “It’s magic!” exclaimed Benny, Rebecca’s little brother. As Rebecca knocked on the bread with her knuckles, her older brother, Victor, sneaked up and rapped on her head. Offer valid at American Girl® retail stores and americangirl.com. Get the app. I don’t think this is quite right for you,” he decided. Now Rebecca nearly did drop the plates. Highly recommend all. She blew the candles out in one breath. She couldn’t think of any chores she might have forgotten. This is something I hear quite often from men who are envious of all the women who are able to get a better life through marriage to an American man. What good is a rose without any place to put it? “That would make a thrilling moving picture,” Rose agreed, “as long as God parted the sea again for the filming.”, “Come on,” Rebecca said. And of course”—Rebecca joined in for the last item—“matzo!” she and Mama said in unison. Making a fist with one hand, he pushed the scarf into it with the other. The books follow various American girls throughout both historical eras and contemporary settings.. Work Description. Unfortunately, the offer will not be extended if you are unable to order due to technical issues. He held a blue glass bottle of seltzer, while Grandpa brought out a jar of homemade chocolate syrup. Rap-rap-a-tap-tap! Netflix released its new movie 'Rebecca' (based on the book by Daphne du Maurier) yesterday, starring Armie Hammer and Lily James. Author, Denise Lewis Patrick, shares her experience about writing the Melody stories. “Why should I wear it when you’re at work?” she asked. “I am Max Shepard, if you please.” He gave a low bow, sweeping his hat off his head. A hollow sound echoed back. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. She frowned at Max. “And what she will eat for lunch?”, Grandpa chimed in. The dolls had belonged to Mama when she was growing up in Russia, before Rebecca was born. No party, and no cake either. Finally, he spoke. By using real wood and glass, this table and its adornments closely emulate what would be found in the Rubins' parlor for serving tea or playing cards. Author = Jacqueline Greene; Publisher = American Girl; Item Number: 13165-2008 Item ID: 3555138 Category: Media; From: 12/30/20 - 1/28/21 Price: $1.45; From: 1/29/21 - & After Price: $1.05 × He even looked interesting, with his bright, dark eyes and the cane draped over his arm. “Don’t make him wild,” Mama scolded.

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