Oden also believed that Orochi would honor an agreement that Orochi and Kaido would leave Wano if he humiliated himself for five years. Having grown closer with Toki and marrying her at some point, the couple became parents on their second year aboard the Moby Dick and named their son Kozuki Momonosuke. [19][20] Oden was even proud to be named after his favorite food, declaring he was born to be boiled like oden soup as he died in a pot of boiling oil. He also refused to eat any of the food or candy they offered him. Follow 5309. [26], When Toki became too sick to continue sailing, Oden intended on staying in Wano with her and their children, but she wished for him to fulfill his dream and so threatened to divorce him if he stayed. After Donquixote Doflamingo's attack on the Thousand Sunny, Luffy learned that Momonosuke was a target and ordered the crew to flee Dressrosa in order to protect him. The deeper Ace was involved with Wano politics harder it becomes to buy the explanation that WB had no idea about what happened in Wano. Because of his charisma and insane power, Oden was looked up to even by the likes of Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard, and Red-Hair Shanks. Additionally, the chapter where Oden was killed. Members. Additional scenes are added to the glimpses of Oden's past in Episode 910 of the anime. Momonosuke loves his parents and could barely speak of their deaths by the hands of both Satan Ōtsutsuki and Kaido. As shogun of Wano, Sukiyaki had full control over the country until his rule ended. Dropping off his wife and son in the land of his birth, Oden presses on with Roger's band and helps in discovering numerous "secrets of the world", and in doing so, creating the "Laugh Tale". From there, the crew sailed to Fish-Man Island, where Oden read the island's two Poneglyphs and learned from Neptune that Poseidon is a mermaid. After leaving the crematorium, he saw that a Mountain God was attacking the Flower Capital, and overheard Kin'emon and Denjiro talking about the Mountain God's offspring being in their possession. Kozuki Oden, on the other hand, is the son of Kozuki Sukiyaki and was the rightful heir to Wano’s throne. Afterwards, the rest of the crew returned Oden to Wano Country and he bid farewell to them as well. Birthday: A few days into it, Oden had a discussion with the two captains, during which he informed Roger that he could read the Poneglyphs. Here, we post Weekly Updates, Theories and Topics for discussion regarding the One Piece Manga. Because of his charisma and insane power, Oden was looked up to even by the likes of Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard, and Red-Hair Shanks. Oden and the Scabbards were then imprisoned in the Flower Capital and sentenced to be boiled alive in three days. [10] When Oden started dancing naked in public, he wondered if Toki would divorce him, but she assured him that she had no intention of doing so.[4]. Oden possessed a tremendous combination of combat skills and charisma. Chapter 920; Episode 910[1] Kaido had threatened to kill him personally, but upon finding Momonosuke to be an immature weakling compared to Oden, he opted to simply leave Momonosuke to die in the burning Kuri Castle. Afterwards, the citizens became remorseful for treating Oden poorly and cheered for Oden to survive. Most of the men absolutely hated him, while the women were attracted to him and his charisma, and there was a considerable stir when he came to the Flower Capital at age 18. However, these actions were just as outrageous and ill-thought-out as the ones Oden committed to benefit himself. Oden is the name of a soup and Kozuki Oden dies by being boiled alive (although it doesn't actually kill him, it leaves him without strength). In his fight against the Mountain God, he won with a single slice, and his blades were noticeably black, implying that … He was very disappointed when Oden said he would rather forgo that and break the law by sailing outside of Wano.[14]. Two weeks later, the Whitebeard Pirates tried to leave Oden behind, but he caught up to them and held onto a chain he attached to the ship. One has to be seriously gullible to buy this kind of explanation. Despite his tender age, Momonosuke is extremely dedicated to the samurai code of Bushido such as benevolence, courage, righteousness, and honor. He was also worried when Doflamingo nearly killed Sanji until the latter was saved by Law. Four years later they would meet each other in person as enemies, engaging in a brief clash as their crews battled for each other's treasure. However, it appeared that Oden reached his limit from this as Kaido noted that his body was dead.[56]. Oden then took the white boar when Kin'emon tried attacking the Mountain God. Ultimately, Oden's naivety would indirectly allow Orochi to rise to power and turn Wano into a wasteland. [4] Even though most of Wano lost respect for Oden during the five years after his return, Yasuie remained on good terms with him. Denjiro repeatedly tried to prevent him from giving money to Orochi,[36] and most of the retainers opposed Oden's dream of illegally leaving Wano and exploring the world. [61] Additionally, he held onto a chain pulled by the Moby Dick and faced the many dangers and climates of the New World ocean with no protection for three days before eventually letting go, more because he went to rescue Toki than due to exhaustion. [4], Oden frequently caused uproars with the citizens of Wano during his youth, particularly when he kidnapped women to form a harem in the mountains. Docking at an island, the Whitebeard Pirates unexpectedly encountered the Roger Pirates, leading to Oden rushing towards the crew to take their treasure. The crew sailed to Mock Town and afterwards reached Skypiea, where Oden read a Poneglyph and engraved Roger's message on the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell. Eventually, after Kaido was defeated by Paul Gekko, Momonosuke was focused on finding and capturing Paul Gekko. When he was 14, he attempted to help the Flower Capital citizens during a great drought by diverting a river to the city. At some point in the past, Momonosuke witnessed Doflamingo's brutality, with the event leaving him traumatized. Yasuie later got mad at Oden for living as a vagabond instead of rising to his father's challenge. Debut: [35], Although Oden's retainers were unwaveringly loyal to him, they were not yes men and attempted to advise him against making poorly thought out decisions, though were usually unsuccessful. After his defeat, Oden claimed that Shinobu was not his ally, allowing her to walk free. Also, when Inuarashi first recalled Oden defending him and Nekomamushi at Kuri Beach, Oden did not attack the thugs but rather criticize them in a calm manner. u/GolabalWarming . [23] The two of them saw each other for the final time nine years later, with Sukiyaki calling Oden a "fine man". During the invasion that Kaido did in Wano, Kin'emon and a group of other samurais were sent into the future by the powers of Kozuki Toki's Devil Fruit. Samurai; Daimyo;[2] Pirate[3] (former); Division Commander (former) 0. With the help of his companions, Oden rounded up the other criminals to bring peace to Kuri. [10], Oden loved his wife Toki and cared for her greatly. [54] When Oden became a daimyo, Orochi frequently asked to borrow money from him, and Oden always obliged despite never being paid back due to feeling sorry for Orochi and respecting his relationship with Yasuie. He also claims that he is not afraid of anything and even threw a fit when Luffy asked him if he is afraid of heights. Later, it’s revealed that he and Kin’emon aren’t actually father and son, but master and retainer, and that Momonosuke’s real father is Kozuki Oden, the deceased Daimyo of Wano's Kuri region. Occupations: Oden adopting the mannerisms of sailors by keeping a log. Before killing Oden, Kaido apologized to the samurai about Kurozumi Higurashi's actions while mentioning that he had killed her. [77] After Orochi quit being Yasuie's servant, Oden lent him money to support him. Kaido: Of course, my boy. Shimotsuki Yasuie believed this was simply a sign of Sukiyaki’s tough love for his son and a way to get him to mend his ways. [37] On the other hand, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi simply wanted to go with Oden wherever he went, and so accompanied him as stowaways with both the Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates. [4], On the fifth year after his return, Oden heard that Hyogoro was captured for his defiance and Hyogoro's wife was killed. And Ace was Yamato's friend. It was once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside his other blade, Enma, and is one of the only two weapons ever to injure Kaido. [40] Ashura Doji initially lost faith in this plan due to the toll taken on him and his allies over 20 years,[41] but eventually changed his mind after Yasuie sacrificed himself in Oden's memory. His father's aide then delivered a message to him, saying that he was disowned and exiled from the Flower Capital. Modeled after Kozuki Oden, Yamato boasts similar garments and large ropes that his hero did. He will be the third and last character of the third Character Pack. Oden told Yasuie how he wanted to set out to sea, and Yasuie replied that he had to become a competent samurai before he could be so selfish.[14]. [24] After receiving the news of Sukiyaki's death, Oden was solemn and regretted being unable to be at his father's deathbed. [53] He did not think highly of Orochi, calling him a creep when he first saw him and frequently noting his pathetic disposition. 3,027 951. When he was less than a year old, he threw his wet nur… Reviews: 0. He was the husband of Kozuki Toki and the father of Momonosuke and Hiyori. 4-Storywise, Oden is the last member of Kozuki that have knowledge about the Poneglyphs (traditionally he would pass that knowledge to his son but he didn’t have time). [1][23] In addition, Oden chose the companions he made on his journey as well as the reformed Ashura to be his retainers. Momonosuke loves his parents dearly and bears immense hatred and resentment towards Kaido and Satan for murdering them. Oden later read another Poneglyph after venturing to another island. Grieving over Hyogoro's fate, Oden finally decided to gather his retainers to take down Kaido. … He was sentenced to death by being boiled alive in an iron cauldron along with his very young son, but was able to save his son by holding him above his head, similar to how Oden saved his retainers. However, they quickly warmed up to Oden and began treating him like family, and Oden loved them just as much as he did with the Whitebeard Pirates. Not knowing the truth, the citizens were shocked and disappointed and their opinion of Oden started to degrade. u/AmmarRY. Oden was a very large and muscular man of towering height, standing in at 382 cm. On top of that, he appeared on the scene boasting a mighty kanabo club, very similar to his father's, as well as a striking hannya mask which immediately intrigued fans everywhere. When he was 15 and still in hiding, he started working at a mountain temple, where he formed a harem of women whom he kidnapped from the Capital at night. [10] After Oden died, the Whitebeard Pirates eventually learned about Oden's demise by Kaido's hands several years after it happened due to Wano's isolation. He also took in other people like the orphaned Izo and Kikunojo, the persecuted Kanjuro and the lonely Raizo. The Kozuki Clan is a formerly powerful family that once ruled over the Land of Wano until eighteen years before the beginning of the story. help Reddit App Reddit … His combat prowess was seen at an early age, when he got into massive battles and altercations with powerful samurai and yakuza and survived, causing an implied high number of casualties over the years. [7] He had long, wild hair of black color that was notably gathered into a large, flat, circular plane at the top, and also included a prominent widow's peak and triangular sideburns. Enraged, Oden ordered his retainers to guard his family before charging to the Flower Capital. However, when Oden was distracted by Kurozumi Higurashi, who disguised herself as Momonosuke and pretended to be a hostage, Kaido struck him down. [1][61] During his adventures with the Whitebeard Pirates, Oden was able to easily sink a large pirate ship by cutting it in half. Kozuki Oden was the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country, the son of the former Shogun of Wano Country Kozuki Sukiyaki, the husband of Kozuki Toki, and the father of Kozuki Momonosuke and Kozuki Hiyori. [39] Along with the rest of the crew, Oden sobbed uncontrollably when Roger disbanded the crew and departed. Of course it's still a massive feat (G4 Luffy was offered free shots and did fuck all), but Oden could have cutting power as an outlier (superb offense) but be below top tier in CoO, speed, durability etc. He did this once a week, causing his people to lose faith and respect for him. It is a plot hole. His combat and charisma combination was best seen in his restoration of peace to Kuri, where he defeated the powerful Ashura Doji and then proceeded to round up the rest of the dangerous criminals and get them to work under him, including Ashura. As a proud Samurai, he wielded Ame no Habakiri and Enma, two of the most powerful blades known in the series. However, this idea angered Momonosuke and the two began to fight with Luffy calling him weak and a crybaby. RELATED: One Piece: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Costume Changes Of All Time. He also heard about how his family was threatened and Toki got injured protecting Momonosuke. Epithet: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kozuki Sukiyaki was the former shogun of Wano Country, the father of the daimyo of Kuri, Kozuki Oden, and the grandfather of Kozuki Momonosuke and Kozuki Hiyori.2 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Family 3.1.1 Kozuki Oden 4 Abilities and Powers 5 History 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Site Navigation Sukiyaki was a tall man with dark hair. Take me with you, let me see the world!! Son Goku vs. Kozuki Oden (1-9-0) Thread starter C2_of_Omegon; Start date Mar 25, 2020; Tags dragon ball kozuki oden one piece son goku (dragon ball) Status Not open for further replies. [34] When Yasuie ordered them to become proper and educated samurai to effectively serve Oden as the future shogun, they did so without issue despite their rough backgrounds, shocking Oden with their displays of respect. However, Orochi threatened to deliver hundreds of kidnapped citizens to Kaido as a tribute, giving Oden an ultimatum provided that he humiliated himself in front of everyone every week to spare a hundred lives with each dance as per his reparations to the Kurozumi Family. Defeat Kaido!! Wielding two swords, namely Ame no Habakiri and Enma, Oden's strength was great enough to bring down even the toughest of enemies. Monkey Boi (AP = 3.98 … If he could hold onto the chain for three days, he would be allowed into the crew. [18] When Oden learned how Orochi abused his power and authority as the shogun by enslaving Wano citizens for his tyrannical greed, including executing an innocent man along with his family for defiance, Oden was outraged and did not blame his retainers for attacking Orochi for the injustice he caused, as he personally stormed into the Flower Capital to execute Orochi himself. The figure glances down, not pausing in their steps as they say, “Well, of course, you are my son after all.” Momo’s brain short-circuits after they say that, because what?! Message the mods. The scenes showed that Oden fought the thugs of Kuri bare handed, defeated Ashura without sustaining any injuries, and during the time of his death, Oden was fighting a group of enemies until he was struck down, which at the time, the full details of his death were not revealed yet in the manga. Afterwards, Oden went on adventures with the Whitebeard Pirates. Both possessed tremendous strength since infancy. When Orochi was overthrown, He was greatly relieved to hear from Zoro and Kawamatsu that his sister is still alive. Both were rejected and disowned by one of their family members (Heracles' nemesis was Hera and Oden was disowned by his father, Both were sailors (Heracles was part of the Argonauts and Oden sailed with the. When it comes to Kozuki Oden there are these two weird statements that make it sound like Prime Oden may have been the strongest character/Whitebeard's equal after Roger's death, so I've tracked down the Raws for chapters 969 + 972 and it's far from that. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Nami Costumes We Loved (& 5 She Should Never Wear Again) The two somehow managed to take over Wano. He saved Kawamatsu, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi from being publically humiliated and tortured, beating up the ones responsible for it. Oden itself is a traditional Japanese broth based meal, usually served in the Winter. So if he is dead, we have lost that knowledge forever. So I would rate his offensive ability as top tier but his overall level might be less than top tier. Meanwhile, gang member Kin’emon stole a very valuable white boar and took it to the Capital. Oden is a key player in the Wano Arc, and would’ve been the countries Shogun had he not met an unfortunate end at the hands of Orochi and Kaido. 10 His Namesake. See a recent post on Tumblr from @greatsenpai about oden-kozuki. [10] When Oden learned from Orochi how his family was unjustly persecuted for his grandfather's crimes, he accepted his demands of dancing naked weekly in the Flower Capital as an apology to the Kurozumi Family in exchange for sparing the citizens from Orochi's vengeance, including liberating the hundreds of abducted citizens that were meant as a tribute to Kaido. #one piece #gol d. roger #portgas d. ace #gol d. ace #whitebeard pirates #whitebeard one piece #one piece wano arc #wano #kozuki clan #kozuki oden #op spoilers #one piece 966 #966 #chapter 966 #one piece chapter 966 #Also very Luffy and Usopp during their goofy celebrations He will be the third and last character of the third Character Pack. Denjiro, took up an alias and acted as a Yakuza with feigned loyalty to Orochi. Official English Name: Oden was also extremely adventurous and wanted to illegally set sail away from Wano Country, viewing it as too cramped. For example, to honor a deceased man he once knew, Oden cooked a pot of oden soup over the cremated remains and "shared one last drink" with his former friend, much to the dismay of his mourning family members. Because of Paul Gekko's role of overthrowing Kurozumi Orochi, Momonosuke vowed to find and capture him with Luffy's assistance. Additionally, they went abroad and formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates to increase their fighting power, and the mink citizens of Zou that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi ruled over were also recruited. [1] In his youth, he viewed this dream as more important than preparing to succeed his father as shogun. [33] All of them consider Oden to have saved their lives and possessed unwavering devotion for him, which initially caused them to try stealing money to help him get by. After being sent forward in time, Momonosuke, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Kikunojo recruited all of the remaining Nine Red Scabbards aside from Denjiro and thousands of other Kozuki Family sympathizers to rise up and bring down Orochi and Kaido. By the time his companions arrived, Oden had defeated all of his enemies. In spite of all the conflicts that he had with the Yakuza over the years, his death had such an impact on the leaders of the Yakuza that they staged their own rebellion against Kurozumi Orochi who had allied with Kaido before they were all captured and sent to Udon prison. Along the way, the group was joined by Kikunojo and Izo at Ringo, Kanjuro at Kibi, and Raizo at Udon. [47] When Roger requested for Oden to join him on his voyage, Whitebeard adamantly refused to let him take one of his family. [29] Oden also bequeathed his favorite swords to both Momonosuke and Hiyori as a memento after his death. Oden also wore his favourite swords Enma and Ame no Habakiri across his left waist tucked inside an obi belt. The Roger Pirates offered to help Oden in his quest to open Wano's borders, and although he declined, they took him back to Wano. [50], Eleven years later, although Oden had become a daimyo, the Flower Capital citizens still generally viewed him and his followers as delinquents. Since Oden was persistent, Whitebeard attempted to sail away in the middle of the night, but Oden still managed to get to them and attach himself to the Moby Dick with a chain. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Kozuki Oden. [45] Afterwards, Oden and his retainers had a feast with the crew. Although Kanjuro put on the perfect act of a loyal retainer and would actually die for the Kozuki, it was more because he was actually seeking a place to die since losing his parents destroyed his will to live on. [3] He was a capable philologist, able to inscribe Roger's message on the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell in the same ancient language, as well as decipher all the Poneglyphs the Roger Pirates had found, particularly the Road Poneglyphs, which proved vital in the Roger Pirates' success in locating and sailing to Laugh Tale. With Yamato often referring to himself as Kozuki Oden, the son of Kaido has been doing his best to save Momonosuke from his imprisonment by the Beast Pirates, ducking a … [86] After the citizens realized how Oden protected them during the past five years, they started cheering for Oden's effort to survive and Oden appreciated that. Just when Oden only had ten minutes left, he heard a woman in trouble and let go. [4] During Oden's execution, the citizens initially mocked him until Shinobu revealed the reason for Oden's actions during the past five years. This motivated him to commit outrageous and violent actions for his own benefit during his youth and adolescence, such as burning down the yakuza casino after being banned from it and kidnapping women at night to form a harem in the mountains.

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