Basic Information. So, where exactly are the Bronze Eagles? Zeus will use a spell based off of him, and it does roughly around 450 damage without resist, and it will leave a 40% myth trap behind as well. Olympus and the Bronze Eagles quest inside the dungeon: Mt. Wizard101 is an MMO made by Kingsisle Entertainment that was started in 2005, and was released in 2008. Do not be fooled by the way the Wiki sorts gear: Hades does not drop Zeus gear. Zeus is the brother of the other 2 immortals known as Poseidon Earth-Shaker and Hades the Unseen. Click here to subscribe ⇨⇨⇨ My 2nd channel: Enjoy the video? This is not a simple puzzle where the clues are given like current Magus' have experienced in Krokotopia and Marleybone. In particular, the battle with Zeus, Ares, and Apollo are the tough ones. But after a closer inspection, and a logical conclusion, it can become a facepalm moment. On top of that, they can also drop from other battles like Zeus in Mount Olympus, Rattlebones in Unicorn Way, and Mirror Lake as well. It is located directly in the entrance hall of Mount Olympus. Though he's only a level thirty boss, one of his drops is actually worth looking at. The gear includes hats, robes, boots and wands for level 30, 70, and 90 wizards. Leave a like to help me out, thanks! Dropped by: Ares, Hall of Battle, Mount Olympus Olympus is home to a variety of fun bosses. Zeus is first located in Mount Olympus, then his location is moved to Tartarus when you reach it. Mount Olympus as a whole is actually a very tough dungeon for a multitude of reasons. 44.0k members in the Wizard101 community. Boost: 50% to Storm. It … Let’s take a look at Olympus and locate each of them in this short guide. First, it was designed for level 30s, and with a full team of only level 30s, this dungeon can take hours upon hours, especially if the team isn't well coordinated. Health: 5000 Rank: Rank 7 Boss School: Myth. Once you defeat Zeus, you are done with Mount Olympus! You can find level 30 crafted gear from a vendor in Aquila – Khalkos Coppersmith. Zeus is a Rank 13 Myth boss, but also uses a variety of Storm spells. Zeus Sky Father is fought alongside Poseidon and Hades in the final battle of Tartarus. The first one is the easiest… the easiest to miss! You have to complete that dungeon (a level 30+ instance), which includes the boss Zeus, for the vendor to appear. Mt Olympus. Rattlebones Master Duel The Rattlebones Master Duel is dropped by many different bosses throughout the spiral, and available in the Crown Shop. His Sky Iron Hasta is the only wand to currently give a damage boost. One of them, directly before Zeus, is Ares! First Bronze Eagle. The strategy for this fight, as usual, is just to one hit Zeus and his mob, so you do not get his cheat. He is located outside of the Mount Olympus dungeon. Mount Olympus is Aquila’s level 30+ dungeon, introducing us to the Immortal Games. He has 27,500 health and high Myth resistance. 10. Check out this guide with text and a video walkthrough of Mt. Mount Olympus - Zeus. Upon entering the dungeon, simply turn left and you will find it waiting in the corner for you. Illustrated Guide to the Mount Olympus Puzzle At first, the puzzle in the lower floor of Mount Olympus, might look difficult. Battle your way through the gauntlet and square off against Zeus himself.

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