Not Now. As a kid, Sam remembers listening to “all the Kings – B.B. Where the world's greatest drummer meet. I really liked Motown and Funk, and soul, and that kind of that. Kiszka responded to the question with naming AC/DC, not the band that lots of people criticize them with being a rip-off, Led Zeppelin. Log In. Born Under a Bad Sign (Mono Mix) Albert King. & Self ,, yepperr or. Greta Van Fleet has fused together different musical influences to create something very special that takes you down roads that the great Led Zeppelin paved . Watch 4:20. ‎You know the drill: Rock lives, rock dies, rock is gloriously reborn against all odds and stronger than ever. Bis zum letzten Titel könnte die Band „nicht aus dem Schatten ihrer Einflüsse herauskommen“. Thickfreakness The Black Keys. And their flat-out incredible live shows are attracting more and more fans close to their own age – something that first seemed possible back when they played their high school’s homecoming dance, and the kids freaked out. Thickfreakness The Black Keys. “We stopped,” recalls Jake, “and were like, ‘Whatever you just did, keep doing that, ’cause it sounds badass.’ ”, Jake does cop to careful scrutiny of Jimmy Page – among many other guitarists, including Pete Townshend. Volume 60%. Create New Account. Greta Van Fleet are however, taking their craft very seriously claiming they draw influences from Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Willie Dixon and Albert Collins. They were signed to Lava Records in March 2017, and a month later they released their debut studio EP, Black Smoke Rising.Their debut single, "Highway Tune", topped the Billboard U.S. 2:49. Profile: Hard Rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan (USA). In the Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett. In the Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett. Sign up for our newsletter. Hauck subsequently left the band, in Oct. 2013 and was replaced by Daniel "Danny" Wagner the same year. Greta Van Fleet würden die „sexy Klänge des hartrockenden Blues zurückbringen“, die lange „überfällig“ waren. Musician/Band. out. In the meantime, they’re having fun. Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered) 4:55 PREVIEW Thickfreakness. Josh: Well, it's a hugely eclectic bunch of influences involved in creating the elements that is Greta Van Fleet. Die Band selber stellte in einem Interview mit dem niederländischen Magazin FaceCulture klar, dass Led Zeppelin keinen überragenden Einfluss auf die Band darstellen würde und auch keinerlei Einfluss auf ihr Songwriting habe. The four members of the Michigan band Greta Van Fleet look, act and sound like they were grown in the lab of some classic-rock-loving mad scientist. Greta Van Fleet werden in der Regel mit Led Zeppelin verglichen. 2:49. (“He’s always worn weird shit,” says Jake Kiszka, the band’s longhaired, justifiably self-assured guitarist, who’s more of a T-shirt-and-skinny-jeans guy. Listen on Apple Music. 3:48. things that you would like to romanticize about are very honest truth. Preview SONG ALBUM TIME Black Dog. Tekst: Gerrit Schinkel. “We are like a bunch of old men,” acknowledges pixieish, curly-headed frontman Josh Kiszka, possessor of a blowtorch of a high tenor, with casual access to notes that Robert Plant misplaced during the Carter administration. It’s safe to say that Wilson is in the latter camp. Josh Kiszka onstage during the first of Greta Van Fleet’s two sold-out shows the Hollywood Palladium (Ashley Ramynke / L.A. Times HS Insider) Last night in the audience, there were people on top of each other’s shoulders, dancing and getting lost in the music which made me think of what it would have been like to attend a show or festival in the 1960s or ‘70s. As Josh and Sam tell it, Greta Van Fleet landed on their Seventies-rock sound by tracing the same blues-and-soul influences that shaped older bands, rather than through direct imitation – although even their earliest gigs were heavy on Cream covers, plus the occasional Bad Company tune. This band is set for greatness and is a breath of fresh air in my ears Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant joked that Greta Van Fleet's singer 'borrowed' his voice. | iHeartRadio. And that is what I focussed on." Black Dog Led Zeppelin. Into this well-worn but surprisingly durable tale step Greta Van Fleet, three teenage brothers (the Kiszkas) and a childhood friend (drummer Daniel Wagner) from woodsy Frankenmuth, Michigan—…. You can watch the full conversation with the band above. 683k Followers, 99 Following, 1,274 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Greta Van Fleet (@gretavanfleet) 4:55. Josh and Jake have just turned 21, Danny and Sam are 18. “Everything that you hear about the rock & roll Log In. It’s safe to say that Wilson is in the latter camp. Preview. Accordingly, Greta Van Fleet poured everything they experienced into these new songs - the music reflects their spiritual and intellectual growth, increased awareness of the inequalities plaguing the modern world, and deep empathy for what other people are going through. 00:00. Forgot account? Greta Van Fleet is a band that managed to take the influences and a sound that existed long before these guys were even born and mix it with their own personalities and today’s influences. Greta Van Fleet: Influences Apple Music. preshow swig from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s each night – “a rock & 00:00. Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka on Positive Vibes, Polarizing Comments, and Prime Influences "I think that we should be relatively unaffected by what other people say" Rewind 10 Seconds. De band bestaat oorspronkelijk uit de gebroeders Josh (zang), Jake (gitaar) en Sam Kiszka (bas, keyboards) en Kyle Hauck (drums). Greta Van Fleet is een jonge Amerikaanse rockband die in 2012 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, is opgericht. 00:00. Fullscreen . The members of GRETA VAN FLEET have told FaceCulture in a new interview that LED ZEPPELIN was not a major influence on the group despite close similarities between the two bands' styles. In an interview this week with Australia's Network Ten, the iconic front man promptly cited Greta Van Fleet when asked about up-and-coming bands he … Foo Fighters. 2:46. 5:03. See more of Greta Van Fleet on Facebook. See more of Greta Van Fleet on Facebook. Jake takes a Related Pages . Jake and Sam Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet discuss the importance of connecting with the audience and how a broken arm helped Jake become a better player. If they sounded any more like Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins would be asking to drum for them. Listen on Apple Music. “People are doing it for the wrong reasons,” says Sam. 4:55. | iHeartRadio De band bestaat uit zanger Josh Kiszka, gitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka en drummer Danny Wagner. Come Together (2019 Mix) The Beatles. Robert Plant. As rising rockers Greta Van Fleet receive praise and scorn for their Led Zeppelin–y sound, we look back at the genre's anxiety of influence. Led Zeppelin. Forgot account? Come Together (2019 Mix) The Beatles. In an interview with Billboard, Greta Van Fleet members said they already have plans for new music and revealed which bands are an influence to their career. The new music also illustrates that the members of GRETA VAN FLEET are paving the way for a new generation of musicians — ones that use rock … Band Members: • Josh Kiszka- Vocals….. 19 years old and vocals that take you back to the days of … Greta Van Fleet is an American hard rock band. 00:00. Create New Account. Fleet Footed. Greta Van Fleet have incited a divisive set of opinions – some music fans hail them as a return to the good old days of classic rock, while detractors have called them needlessly derivative, and questioned if the unfiltered classic rock sound is relevant to today’s music landscape. Test: Which Metallica Song Describes Your Life? The fourth member is strong-footed drummer Danny Wagner, 18, one of the few other kids in their tiny town of Frankenmuth who shared his friends’ prodigious musical gifts and time-warped sensibilities – their classmates didn’t even know what to call the odd music they liked, except “old.”. Create New Account. The band — brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, along with drummer Danny Wagner — … all in check. As it turns out, their dad is a chemist with a serious record collection and a harmonica-playing habit, and their mom is a former science teacher (their grandpa, meanwhile, is in the Polka Hall of Fame). 'It is quite a bit different to what we've done in the past.' 2:37. roll ritual,” he calls it. With 10 shows already sold out on their upcoming headlining tour kicking off at the Mercury Lounge in New York on Thursday (Aug. 24), more than 2.6 … It’s tempting, and it’s crazy stuff.” He smiles. Greta Van Fleet members Josh Kiszka and Jake Kiszka were recently interviewed on the Ask Anything Chat, and they have a bold message for their groupies. Well, Greta Van Fleet is currently living that dream, quite literally. or. I’m a fan of his work too, a contemporary artist.”. Greta Van Fleet has fused together different musical influences to create something very special that takes you down roads that the great Led Zeppelin paved . lifestyle is true,” says Josh, wide-eyed. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU GUYS HERE IN MPLS MN!!!! Rust Free. Rewind 10 Seconds. The story goes that his Plant-ian shriek simply came out in practice one day as he struggled to be heard over the band. Listen on Apple Music. The mythical lyrics and the blues riffs certainly are direct rip-offs of Zeppelin, and lead singer Josh Kiszka’s voice, perhaps their biggest asset, that is a dead ringer for that of Robert Plant. The New Album from Greta Van Fleet. Led Zeppelin. That probably translates a … Top 11 List Top 11 Songs from Musicians With Punctuation (or Symbols) in Their Names Zu de… “I went through a year of really intensely studying what Page did,” says Jake, “to the point where I knew how he thought.”, They’re not altogether averse to newer music, citing, among other acts, Fleet Foxes, Rival Sons, the Shins and especially the Black Keys, whose 2012 Rolling Stone cover decorated their garage rehearsal space for years. Test: Do You Think You’re The Ultimate Metallica Fan? The band was formed in 2012 by brothers Joshua "Josh" Kiszka, Samuel "Sam" Kiszka, Jacob "Jake" Kiszka and Kyle Hauck. Credit: Alysse Gafkjen Greta Van Fleet has premiered a live performance video for "Age of Machine," a song off the band's upcoming sophomore album, The Battle at Garden's Gate.. But unlike the Keys, none of Greta Van Fleet’s members are hip-hop fans, and they can truly sound decades older than their years when they talk about current music. 4:20. "At first, I thought — you know, obviously, the influence of LED ZEPPELIN," he said (see video below). Greta Van Fleet: Influences Apple Music Rock. Tom Twardzik vom Onlinemagazin Pop Dust hingegen schrieb, dass Greta Van Fleet „schnell mit Robert Plants letzten Seitenprojekt verwechselt werden könnten“. King, Albert King, Freddie King – and then, like, Buddy Guy.”, “I didn’t know who fucking Led Zeppelin was until I was in high school,” Josh adds. LISTEN NOW on the RADIO.COM App White Room Cream. Create New Account. 2:37. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Josh Kiszka erklärte, dass er bis zur High School nicht einmal gewusst habe, wer Led Zeppelin überhaupt war. Quiz: Are You True Metallica Fan Or Poser? The first song they ever wrote, “Highway Tune,” hit Number One on mainstream rock radio, or at least what’s left of it. Greta Van Fleet is an American rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan, formed in 2012.It consists of Kiszka brothers Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar) and Sam (bass guitar); and Danny Wagner (drums). Fleet Foxes. The LP will be all-new songs, most already written, with time carved out in early 2018 to record. Musician/Band. “Our dad brought the Magic Potion album home, and we’re like, ‘Wow, this is contemporary music?’ ” says Sam, whose long hair and boyish features make him look like a lost Hanson brother – albeit one who’s a phenomenally melodic bass player, when he’s not switching to organ and handling the low end via foot pedals, à la Ray Manzarek. It’ll follow their eight-song EP, From the Fires, which had six originals (there’s also an excellent cover of Fairport’s “Meet on the Ledge” – and an ill-conceived version of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”).

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