Next came the G. Loomis IM6. Then GL2, GL3 and finally the original IMX. Test and reviews of G. Loomis Center Pin SALMON & STEELHEAD. ... G-Loomis GL2 Trout Jig Rods $108.00. Tap or hover to zoom Expand. Durability is designed into every G. Loomis fishing rod. Im looking to get one high end Loomis rod. They feel great in your hand. $148.22. The G•Loomis GL2 664 is a 5'6" graphite rod with a split cork grip. G. Loomis E6X Steelhead Salmon|Steelhead Fishing Rod. Here is a little review of the G Loomis Lineup of rods. These markings are on the item which may help in correctly identifying it: G Loomis Shimano GL2 Rod CU-201BSF STR 1025C 8'6" Med Heavy Fast Action 8-17 lbs 3/8- 1 oz This item is used. G-Loomis GL2 600S TJR Trout Jig Rod G-Loomis GL2 720S TJR Trout Jig Rod G-Loomis GL2 782-2S TJR Trout Jig Rod 2pc G-Loomis GL2 841-2S TJR Trout Jig Rod 2pc. Would love to hear from some of you who own GLX rods who can weigh on on this subject. 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. Techniques vary from small jigs or bait to micro-sized crankbaits and tiny spinners. G loomis gl2 812sbr. Creature Fever : Jigging, Worming, and Chopping with G.Loomis's GL2 804C JWR (continued) Sensitivity: Throwing choppers and pulling big baits in the Amazon River is hardly a fair test for any rod in terms of sensitivity, so to put the GL2 through a bit more rigorous tests, I fished it back home on Clear Lake, CA as part of our Creature Fever themed year. Retails for $200.00. Well known for their incredible sensitivity, you won't miss even the faintest of takes with a GLoomis rod. Skip navigation Sign in. When someone asks about G. Loomis NRX trout fly rod review, we have nothing except all the good things to state. G. Loomis GL2 MBR 784C 6'6" Heavy - Used Casting Rod - Fair Condition . Temple Fork … GL2 graphite was used to create a durable, yet enjoyable fishing experience. Helpful. Curious if this is the best choice to cover that range. Rod action refers to how a rod flexes, varying from Slow to Extra-Fast. this is evry bit the awesome rod you would expect a G.loomis to be I now own 2 GL2 rods and this one is as fin as the 6ft Bass rod I have by G.loomis GL2., I would by other loomis rods but they don't list the length on a lot of em but they did on this and its fine. GL2 821S DSR. is it my favorite rod ? 2012-12-27T18:36:29. G. Loomis Center Pin. G Loomis GLX Casting Rods $237.60. - Duration: 3:10. Heck my wife still loves her old 97% graphite smallie rod ( a two piece 7 foot light action rod) that was top of the line before I purchased my duplicate rod in IM6. To review G. Loomis BASS GL2 models, please click on the screen shot of interest. Rated at 12-20lb the rod is more than capable of handling 20lb PowerPro, the most common line used targeting these fish amongst the snags. Rods - G. Loomis: G.Loomis International Casting Series Rods G.LOOMIS CBR756C CRANKBAIT CAST ROD For years, a number of manufacturers have pushed fiberglass rods for crankbaits, claiming graphite rods are too stiff and react too fast… not allowing the fish to inhale the lure. G-Loomis uses "Action" and "Power" to rate their rods and defines them as follows: Action. Notify me when available. > G.LOOMIS > Spininginiai kotai > GL2 821S DSR. I have been a big G Loomis fan. GL2- GL2 offers superior strength and durability for any situation. Their proprietary resins and composites insure that each rod can handle the stress of … G-Loomis GL2 Jig and Worm Rods Whether you fish from a johnboat or a bass boat - three days a year or 300 - there a lot of ways to catch bass, but time and time again, the jig or worm are the most effective for really big bass! $99.99. Shimano went off in a different direction. Add to Cart. To learn more about how we use cookies, read our privacy policy. Thanks! In our opinion, the two most important … At times, anglers have to encounter troubling situations in waters where the stakes of winning a trout are low. Has been cast no more than a dozen times only. $14.99 shipping. Search. $229.99 $ 229. I recently bought the “NEW” G. Loomis E6X casting rod and was curious to know if there was any other rods that would be more sensitive at a slightly more/less price point than the $190 I paid.I currently have this rod paired with the new Shimano Curado DC reel and mostly fish bottom with it using the drop shot setup. Avet SX G2 6/4 2-Speed Reel Blue. Ultra-lite fishing is a heck of a lot of fun. This product is no longer in stock. Visit Video Library . The G.Loomis NRX 852C (continued). ... Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: This product hasn't received any reviews yet. G. Loomis E6X Jig & Worm Spinning Bass Fishing Rod. GL2 Jig & Worm. Ships via fedex insured in a heavy plastic tube. Truly the end of an era. Fishermen's opinions about G. Loomis Center Pin . CLASSIC STEELHEAD. Just thinning the heard a little. The IMX-PRO Casting Rod (CR) Series is a set of six foot rods that mimic our original bass rods from the very beginning of G.Loomis. Same conditions, Same line, Same guy casting. i have a gl2 spinning rod and i love mine . Be the first to review this product! $189.99. Call or visit our retail store today! 209,00 € Tax included ... No customer reviews for the moment. There are at least three of which I'm aware. Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed. This ranges from a startup basic rod to their most expensive NRX rods. At a total cost of less than $600 including braid, this outfit is within the budget of most hard core lure casters. Add to Compare. what I use win drop shot for bass and what I think of the g.loomis gl2 and the okuma ceymar c30 spinning real G. Loomis:: BASS GL2 reviews (6 models) Benefits of BASS GL2 models. GL2 TJR rods have the G. Loomis signature composite cork and species cork blended handles with small grips, a cork mid-body reel seat with a delicate look and feel. Man that was something when they … They are light, sensitive and extremely efficient. The G. Loomis Premier 96% graphite . The Search For One: Eclectic Versatility in the 2 Hole. Impressions: If you pay attention at all to the online discussion forums, you're already aware of the quality control issues that G.Loomis faced on their initial run of NRX sticks. and my favorite spinning rod is the g loomis nrx green medium. 16 time World Champion Caster Steve Rajeff swears by the GLoomis GLX series stating "These fly rods are the best in the world.Put them up against any rod. This G. Loomis NRX trout rod is built for wiggling through such cases. There are four 1-piece and two 2-piece models in the series. G. Loomis offers an arsenal of specialized casting and spinning rods, which are available in one or more of the following graphites: GLX, IMX, GL3 or GL2. I have 3 G Loomis steelhead rods for sale, the IMX and one of the GL2’s are never fished, the other GL2 was used 1 day. I own almost a dozen GL2, Gl3, and IMX rods. 6'9" 10-17lb 3/8-1/2oz lure extra fast med power. Qty 1- G Loomis IMX 1163-2S STSDR 9’8” 6-12lb. Add to Cart. Shipping is $25.00. Click "I agree" or any link to accept these cookies. … Read and compare experiences fishermans have had with Center Pin rod ... G. Loomis reserves the right to make changes without obligation. Impressions: GLoomis has quite an impressive resume when it comes to designing and manufacturing winning fly rods. Ships to 48 states only. g loomis gl2 spinnerbait rod excellent condition looks like new. G. Loomis GL2 - iCast Best Freshwater Rod. All are 10 out of 10. G. Loomis GLX 894C FPR 7'5" Heavy - Used Casting Rod - … Contact Us. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. Hi, new here to this site and have a question regarding rod sensitivity. G. Loomis GL2 - iCast Best Freshwater Rod. 99. ... G. Loomis GL2 Review: New Years video! Add to Compare. These rods have full cork grips with fast actions for fishing virtually any style of bait, but primarily for topwaters, the handle is great , but I'm a cork man. i have zero problems with it . Whether you're gone for the day or on the move for the rest of your life, these bags have you covered whether you're on the water or on the road. When Gary Loomis was diagnosed with cancer, he sold G. Loomis to Shimano. Test and reviews of G. Loomis GL2 Trout Jig Series GL2 TROUT. G. Loomis builds the world's best fishing rods, and they build them by hand, right here in the USA. Condition: New. G Loomis Rod GL2 Shimano Reel CU-201BSF Fishing Rod With Reel This auction is for a G Loomis Rod/Shimano Reel Model GL2 Rod/CU-201BSF Reel Fishing Rod with Reel. Id like to use this mostly for Jigs, Texas Rigs, and Carolina Rigs. jayh: Brought this rod out a few times already and it has already exceeded my expectations. GLX will drive the fly where you want, with less effort every time." Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. GL2 was G-Loomis's original graphite walleye fishing rod and has undergone significant changes in past years. Read and compare experiences fishermans have had with GL2 Trout Jig Series rod One person found this helpful.